Carrier + multi-policyholder programs

Sedgwick can give you a new outlook. As your outsourcing partner for carrier and multi-policyholder programs, we will manage your day-to-day claims business while you look ahead to your future program success.

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What we do

Sedgwick has long been a partner to insurance carriers and groups offering multi-policyholder programs, whether program business, group captives, risk retention groups, loss portfolio transfers or BPO/outsourcing programs. These alternative risk opportunities offer greater control over your insurance program and more financial benefits than traditional insurance options. Sedgwick can create custom programs and deliver profitable results.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Sedgwick has become the premier provider of carrier and multi-policyholder solutions and is proud to be the #1 program business third party claims administrator.

We provide solutions for a variety of client types, including program business, risk retention and carrier groups.