Darrell Brown
Chief Claims Officer

What is so exciting about Sedgwick is that we are always looking for solutions to address our client issues.

Bachelor’s degree, Finance, California State University at Northridge

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Long Beach, CA

Areas of expertise

Affordable Care Act, Cost drivers, Economic and market forces, Government regulation, Jurisdictional updates, Performance, Workers' compensation, Employee engagement, Litigation management

Recent speakerships

CLM Workers' Compensation Conference  /  May 23–24, 2017

RIMS '17 Annual Conference & Exhibition  /  April 22–25, 2017

CLM Alliance Conference  /  March 28–30, 2017

WCI Conference  /  August 22–25, 2015

2014 CLM Workers' Compensation Conference  /  October 23, 2014

CCWC (California Coalition on Workers' Compensation)  /  July 15–17, 2014

NWCDC  /  November 19–20, 2013

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