Scott Rogers
President, Client Services

Sedgwick has grown and evolved during my tenure through the passion, enthusiasm and commitment of our colleagues. I genuinely believe that every day we set out to do something special and deliver on the promise. That power of us drives the organization and is reflected in the results we achieve with and for our clients. Because of this we are fortunate to call many of the largest, most sophisticated and successful companies in America our client partners.

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and finance, the University of Massachusetts


Boston, MA

Areas of expertise

Claims management, Workers' compensation

Recent speakerships

WCI Conference  /  August 22–25, 2015

RIMS 2015  /  April 25–28, 2015

2013 Workers' Compensation Institute (WCI) Conference  /  August 17–20, 2013

Blog posts

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The advocacy advantage  /  March 25, 2016

Protecting your brand  /  December 18, 2015

Big data: Analytics and trends  /  July 26, 2015

Social media and risk managers?  /  April 28, 2015


Measuring risk management performance  /  August 14, 2014

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