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Every workers’ compensation, liability and disability claim produces a mountain of data. Sedgwick risk modeling identifies patterns in that data that can’t be found through traditional reporting.

Our innovative combination of data, technology and knowledgeable industry experts helps our clients uncover the trends that lead to successful claims resolution. Most current predictive modeling techniques try to identify patterns that, if not acted upon, will repeat. We customize that basic approach further by using the client’s own data to provide a much richer, robust and meaningful analysis of their claim information.

At its core, Sedgwick’s approach to risk modeling is the process of discovering patterns in data that cross the event, claimant and environment. The goal is to transform data into actionable information to support the strategic decision process, and to prevent and mitigate injuries and accidents. Rather than relying on a single approach to data compilation and analysis, we select from a number of statistical techniques to create a proprietary approach to risk modeling.

Sedgwick clients benefit from:
· Leading-edge systems to support the capture, storage and retrieval of data for analysis
· In-depth expertise in virtually every industry
· Knowledge and experience required to conduct thoughtful data analysis and meaningful reports
· Our ability to leverage opportunities identified through targeted interventions