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The viaOne® portal provides a single access point to a suite of tools for our clients and their employees to stay informed and enhance their decision making. Though a convenient and secure online access portal that provides to real-time claims information, along with customized features and communication options, we meet all of their information needs.

Sedgwick is an industry leader in building and customizing technology that fully integrates with virtually any human resources (HR), risk management or payroll system. Our proprietary viaOne suite of tools provides clients and their employees with 24/7 access to real-time claims information. Through a secure responsive design website, clients have the ability to easily generate powerful loss triangles to aid in program actuarial analysis, track and analyze their claims and absence information, create customized home pages with graphical dashboards and key metrics, run standard or customized ad hoc reports based on user-defined parameters, set their own system alerts and more.

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