Adam Farnham

District Engineering Principal and Senior Forensic Engineer

Mr. Farnham is a licensed engineer who practices fire protection and mechanical engineering. He applies fire protection engineering principles including: the analysis of material fire performance; ignition characteristics of materials as fuels; flame spread and modeling to the origin and cause investigation, fire protection system performance analysis, failure mode determination, and other events. He applies mechanical engineering principles including thermodynamics and energy transfer, mechanics, statics and motion kinematics.  

He uses industry guidelines including international, federal, and state regulations (CFR, annotated codes); building and fire codes and standards (NFPA, ICC, ISO, ANSI) when performing engineering analyses.

Mr. Farnham has investigated and analyzed fire losses ranging from car, boat fires residential fires to large explosions and fires involving commercial, residential, manufacturing, storage, petroleum, warehousing, LPG, and CNG handling, chemical processing, hot work processes. He specializes in losses involving the design, construction, inspection and testing of critical fire and life safety systems. He has also investigated and analyzed mechanical systems failures ranging from piping failures to complex control system malfunctions.

Mr. Farnham is also registered as a certified safety professional by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. He uses codes and standards, standard working practices, corporate standards and behavioral models to analyze safety systems, personal protective equipment (PPE) effectiveness, fall protection, trenching protection, control of hazardous energy, lockout/tagout, hazardous atmosphere, welding and hot work, and root cause analysis of protective system failures.


Team: EFI Global-USA
Telephone: 253.588.2730
Mobile: 425.894.4389
Location: Seattle (Lynnwood), United States, Washington
Qualifications: PE, CSP, NAFI-CFEI, IAAI-CFI
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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