Adrian Fruct

Civil / Structural Engineer

Mr. Fruct represents the complete Civil Structural Engineer, possessing a rich background of more than 40 years in design, construction, code expertise, accessibility expertise, knowledge of steel, concrete, and timber structural systems, building envelope, building mechanical and electrical systems, forensic engineering, liability investigations, project management, construction expertise, expert testimony and investigative skills.  He holds expertise in all of the following areas:

Building and Structures Design Engineering and Claim Expert
Civil, Structural and Building Envelope Forensic Engineering, on Cause and Origin and Timeline Property Insurance Claims, including site investigations, interface with clients, insured, contractors and building officials, throughout California; includes structural distress, earth movement, water intrusion, earthquake, wind, fire, tree root intrusion, vehicle collision damage, distress attributed to nearby construction activities for residential, commercial and industrial structures. 

Governmental Planning Agency Interface Expert
Governmental Agency (City, County) interface related to Building Plan Check submittals, including Building Plan Check, Zoning and Planning, Fire, Health Department.
Forensic Engineering on Liability Claims involving “slip and falls”, fire, nearby construction activities, tree root intrusion, disputes between neighbors.

Engineering Litigation Support Expert
Litigation support for Property and Liability claims, including Code research, various research, investigations, trial and pre-trial conferences, review of claimants and opposing side experts’ depositions, giving depositions and trial and arbitration testimony.

Code Expert
Code expertise: Building Code and Building permit history research and compliance related to Forensic Investigations, design and Liability Insurance Claim investigations and litigation Expert Litigation support, including current and historical codes.  Detailed expertise, knowledge and experience working with various Building Codes, including the application of historical codes as they relate to their relationship with existing buildings and permitting history.

Construction Expert
Construction cost estimates, estimate review, construction method application and review, contract review, assistance on claim negotiations with building owners, Public Insurance Adjusters and contractors.     

Location: California, El Toro, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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