Colby Hietbrink

Structural Engineer

Mr. Hietbrink has nine years of residential and commercial construction experience and six years of engineering experience in structural forensics and new design of residential and commercial structures. Mr. Hietbrink has an extensive knowledge of building envelope construction methods, construction materials, and their material properties. Mr. Hietbrink’s forensic expertise includes origin and cause (O & C) investigations related to structural failures and damages, hail and wind damage, foundation displacement, vehicle impact, fire damage, and structural repair design. Mr. Hietbrink has performed structural design for residential and large commercial buildings as well as nuclear power plants.

Mr. Hietbrink has extensive experience on the evaluation of damaged and failed structures, building code violations, construction defects, building foundation damage, retaining wall failure, and OHSA structural load ratings.

•          Structural Failures of Building Components and Systems
•          Commercial Roofing Systems
•          Hail / Wind Damage to Roofs – Commercial and Residential
•          Construction Defect Evaluation
•          Building Code Compliance Evaluation
•          Wind, Seismic, and Snow Load Analysis A
•          Design and Analysis of Steel, Concrete, Wood, and CMU Structures
•          Design and Analysis of Cold-Formed Steel Structures
•          General Crane Design Using CMAA and ASME Standards

Team: EFI Global USA
Telephone: 704.246.2420
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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