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Jonathan Culpepper

Senior Geologist

Jonathan Culpepper is a Professional Geologist at EFI Global. Mr. Culpepper has over 7 years of progressive experience in the field of subsidence investigations involving extensive travel throughout Florida and Tennessee. Mr. Culpepper has performed field data collection used for assessments of subsurface conditions such as geologic hazard and site suitability evaluations (buried organic materials, buried debris, expansive clay soils and sinkhole or solution feature activity). As a professional geologist, Mr. Culpepper has conducted the initial site reconnaissance for subsidence investigations for some of the largest insurers in Florida and Tennessee. Mr. Culpepper has spent the past 3 years managing stabilization projects as the lead coordinator between insurance carriers, remediation contractors, and engineers.

Team: EFI Global - USA
Location: Florida, Tampa, United States
Qualifications: CHMM, P.G.
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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