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Jonathan Friedman

Principal Engineer

Mr. Friedman is a Professional Engineer with a broad experience base that includes projects ranging from single family residence to multi-million dollar site developments located within the US and abroad. Mr. Friedman’s specialties include forensic and building envelope investigations, construction cost estimating, geotechnical and structural design as well as quality control/quality assurance compliance. Mr. Friedman’s experience includes storm damage evaluations, geotechnical investigations, geotechnical design as well as structural analysis.  

Projects have involved investigation, analysis and design of residential, commercial, and industrial construction along with analysis of structures that have exhibited distress or failure. Forensic related projects require root cause analysis investigations of foundations, structures and ancillary components to determine if damages are due to severe weather, construction defects, building code and or design deficiencies. Mr. Friedman has performed several litigation support and expert witness functions on civil and geotechnical related cases.


Team: EFI Global - USA
Location: Colorado, Golden, United States
Qualifications: PE, PG
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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