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Kayla Carnes

Environmental Scientist

Ms. Carnes has more than five years of experience in providing environmental consulting services.  Ms. Carnes has worked on various projects throughout New England that include asbestos inspections, asbestos project monitoring, soil and water sampling, indoor air quality, microbial testing, moisture monitoring and construction dust monitoring. These projects were often part of a multi-agency response involving various federal, state, and city entities including CT Department of Public Health; MA Department of Environmental Protection, United States Coast Guard, EPA and OSHA. Ms. Carnes has a working knowledge of asbestos regulations, EPA standards, and OSHA standards. Ms. Carnes is proficient in asbestos air sample analysis using phase contrast microscopy (PCM).

Additional experience includes conducting AHERA 3-year re-inspections and 6-month surveillance in schools, oversight of environmental remediation projects, packaging hazardous waste for disposal, humidity monitoring and restoration of water damaged properties, management and disposal of solid and biological waste and emergency spills response.*Please write in third person and Insert professional summary description here. Describe technical expertise and types of projects in
various locations. Include experience with federal, state, city and/or local entities. Knowledge of particular laws, rules or regulations. Do not mention work with specific competitors or other specific companies.


Email: kayla.carnes@efiglobal.com
Location: Massachusetts, Onset, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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