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Ken Canziani

Senior Fire Investigator

Mr. Canziani’s background consists of education/technical training and 30 years of professional experience as a law enforcement investigator. Mr. Canziani achieved the rank of Sergeant with the Marin County Sheriff’s Office and retired in November 2008. During the course of Mr. Canziani’s employment he was assigned as a Violent Crimes Detective, where he investigated numerous crimes against persons, including death and homicide.

Mr. Canziani became an expert in behavior analysis and is a highly-developed interviewer and interrogator.

Mr. Canziani concurrently served as Reserve Fire Fighter/EMT with the American Canyon Fire Protection District and subsequently developed skills to become a Fire Investigator. Mr. Canziani also acted in this capacity for the Napa/Solano Fire Investigation Unit and the Marin County Fire Investigation Unit.

Mr. Canziani also participated in over 30 live burns of structures, vehicles, and vegetation fires for investigative training purposes. During and after these fires he observed and photographed fire behavior and burn/char indicators adding to his experience of fire patterns, fire behavior, scene preservation, and investigation. Some of this experience included the use of explosives and incendiary devices; thus, providing a broader range of fire investigation experience for him, including exposure to the influence of ventilation and firefighting activities on fire behavior and post-fire indicators.

Mr. Canziani has testified as an expert in Fire Cause & Origin. He has investigated over 400 fires, including fire related deaths/ homicides.

Team: EFI Global - USA
Telephone: 916-922-0240
Location: Navada, Reno, United States
Qualifications: IAAI-CFI
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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