Matthew Sonnenberg

Project Manager, Environmental Services

Mr. Sonnenberg is a project manager working as a professional consultant since 2010. Mr. Sonnenberg has worked directly with clients and regulatory bodies to assess environmental conditions, develop plans by which to resolve such conditions, and carry out the planned approach to resolution. Mr. Sonnenberg’s experience includes all stages of environmental projects including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, soil, soil vapor, and groundwater testing (Phase II), site characterization, Human Health Risk Assessments (HHRAs), remediation, removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) and other regulated subsurface structures, and regularly provides third party consulting services on behalf of private parties and public agencies. In addition, Mr. Sonnenberg has experience developing surface water and industrial wastewater treatment systems as well as methane mitigation systems.

  • Perform environmental site assessments
  • Design and oversee installation of remediation systems
  • Direct remediation oversight and maintenance
  • Design methane mitigation systems
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Review peer and third-party reports and data
Team: EFI Global - USA
Location: Burlingame, California, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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