Peter Nastase

Fire Investigator

Peter Nastase has over 41 years’ experience with 10 years in fire suppression, 7 years in fire prevention conducting inspections, and 20 years conducting fire investigations. During this time, he conducted in excess of 4,000 investigations of structures, vehicles, vessels, and wild land fires. Mr. Nastase has a current Law Enforcement certificate that has been active from August 22, 1990. Mr. Nastase’s certificate is inactive at this time; he is not currently working for a law enforcement agency. He has continuing education hours for origin and cause investigations of arson, malicious use of explosives, and death scene investigations totaling over 888 hours. He has 316 hours for public safety education. He has law enforcement training of 900 hours. Mr. Nastase is a member of the IAAI, Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association, FACAP of Florida and Georgia Fire Investigators Association (GFIA). He is a licensed private investigator and has worked closely with the law enforcement community and the state attorney’s office. During his time with Brevard County, he was active on the Flood Damage Survey Team, coordinated the assessment team for rural water supply, and developed and coordinated the juvenile fire setters program. Mr. Nastase was an active member on a review committee for structural and site plans for the Florida Fire Marshal’s office. He has testified in state and federal courts regarding fire losses.

Mr. Nastase’s area of expertise are: Origin & Cause Investigations Commercial, Residential, Heavy Equipment, Vehicles and Marine

Team: EFI Global
Location: Florida, Melbourne, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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