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Rich Murphy

Asbestos & Lead Project Manager

Mr. Murphy is a licensed asbestos and lead inspector and an asbestos project monitor in Massachusetts, New Hampshire & Maine. He is responsible for performing inspections and abatement oversight and air monitoring services for a variety of clients. He served as project monitor during removal of identified asbestos in numerous public and private sector facilities. Mr. Murphy conducts background air sampling during work area preparations for asbestos abatement, performs pre-abatement visuals, performs final visual inspections, and conducts clearance air monitoring in accordance with Massachusetts Division of Occupational Safety (DOS) regulations. Mr. Murphy performs on-site analysis of all background air samples by Phase Contrast Microscopy analysis. Mr. Murphy is also proficient in CADD design and production of site drawings.

Telephone: 800-659-1202
Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
Years experience: 16
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