Scott Parker

Site Professional

Mr. Parker’s experience includes management at both project and program level (single client – multiple site portfolios) as well as staff management. Provides Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) oversight, assessment and remediation planning services under the MCP for soil and ground water impacted sites.
Provides cost evaluations of short and long term remediation options for Brownfield sites, redevelopment sites and other sites under construction. Experience working on site assessments and municipal water supply development and with multiple clients on multiple sites managing a staff of Project Managers, field scientists and technicians.

He worked closely with Design engineers and Risk assessors, including all aspects of assessment and remediation of petroleum contaminated sites. Responsibilities associated with Client and project management include management of State and Federal regulation requirements as well as client specific requirements including evaluation of short and long term environmental liability, adhering to client specific Health and Safety requirements and programs, waste management/tracking and
invoicing and budget management programs and ensuring maximized effectiveness of State reimbursement programs.

Additional experience includes permitting (Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, EPA discharge permits, remediation general permits, New Hampshire DES Groundwater Monitoring Permit), deed restrictions – activity and use limitations, groundwater sampling, soil sampling, underground storage tank removal oversight and oversight and evaluation of response actions on behalf of insurance providers. Mr. Webster is an accomplished Safety, Health and Environmental Professional
with over 25 years of experience including safety & health program development, construction safety, risk assessment and management, and safety & health training. Mr. Webster has experience in the power, environmental, construction, pharmaceutical industries. He has provided technical analysis and reports towards the resolution of insurance claims.

Location: Massachusetts, Sterling, United States
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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