Steven Tuskan

Senior Forensic Consultant

Mr. Tuskan has a wide range of experience gained through positions in the industry and
consulting. He specializes in the investigation, reconstruction, and analysis of motor vehicle
crashes including single vehicle, combination vehicles, trucks and trailers, also including
vehicle components, hitch and coupling systems. His range of expertise also includes
construction, agriculture, industrial equipment and specialized vehicles. He has applied his
experience in the areas of accident investigation, reconstruction, design, testing, and safety to
forensic analysis of traffic, industrial, construction, agricultural and fire accidents.
Mr. Tuskan’s experience and research further includes work in static, dynamic, and
durability testing, full-scale vehicle crash testing, certification of vehicle and trailer
components, test fixture design and instrumentation, development and design of product
warnings, consumer instructions and technical literature, Federal Motor Carrier Saftey
Regulations (FMCSR), and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). He has been
qualified as an expert witness in federal and state courts throughout the United States on
issues of accident investigation and reconstruction.

Team: EFI Global-USA
Mobile: 623.826.6561
Location: Arizona, Phoenix, United States
Qualifications: B.S., M.T.
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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