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December 13, 2019
George Furlong
SVP Managed Care Program Outcomes Analysis
Does utilization review really increase litigation rates?

Utilization review (UR) is an effective and proven approach that ensures injured workers receive timely and appropriate medical treatment for their work-related injuries. With UR, nurses review medical requests, comparing them to evidence-based guide…

December 13, 2019 by George Furlong, SVP Managed Care Program Outcomes Analysis
December 06, 2019
Rodney Milford
Partner, Forensic advisory services, Sedgwick Australia
Early bushfire season strikes Australia – what this means for businesses

In November, Australia experienced one of its worst series of bushfire events – with bushfires occurring concurrently across multiple states. At present in December, many of these fires are still burning and spreading to other regions. Of concern is …

December 06, 2019 by Rodney Milford, Partner, Forensic advisory services, Sedgwick Australia
November 27, 2019
Mike Merlino
SVP Medicare Compliance
WCMSA reference guide: Things to consider

Staying in the know about what’s happening with Medicare is critical, as the changes to regulations can have an impact on workers’ compensation for payers. Recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released Version 3.0 of the WCMSA…

November 27, 2019 by Mike Merlino, SVP Medicare Compliance
November 22, 2019
Lisa Orr
CPE, Sr. Human Factors Consultant
Remote office ergonomics: Simple adjustments, big benefits

As our office environment becomes more sedentary, we’re discovering the need for office ergonomics programs. Employees may spend long hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair, or at a desk that’s not quite the right height. This puts them at risk of p…

November 22, 2019 by Lisa Orr, CPE, Sr. Human Factors Consultant
November 15, 2019
Chris Mandel, RF
SVP Strategic Solutions
TRIA reauthorization update – Latest developments

The Financial Services Committee (FSC) of the House of Representatives recently held a hearing on the reauthorization of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, also known as TRIA, which expires on December 31, 2020. This risk-financing mechanism has prove…

November 15, 2019 by Chris Mandel, RF, SVP Strategic Solutions
November 06, 2019
Bijan Bijarchi
ARM, SVP Managed Care, Client Services
Centers of excellence: How top-rated medical centers are changing claims outcomes

The claims industry depends on risk managers and claims administrators to help improve outcomes for injured workers. And as the industry continues to evolve, claims professionals are discovering new ways to approach treatment and care. Collaborating…

November 06, 2019 by Bijan Bijarchi, ARM, SVP Managed Care, Client Services
November 01, 2019
Kimberly George
SVP Corporate Development, M&A, and Healthcare
Behind the scenes at IAIABC

Last week, the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) held its 105th convention in Pittsburgh. The IAIABC is an association of workers’ compensation jurisdictional regulatory agencies and industry stakeholder…

November 01, 2019 by Kimberly George, SVP Corporate Development, M&A, and Healthcare
October 25, 2019
Chris Carlton
Director, Repair Solutions
Insurance Repair, Brexit, and the Elephant

Brexit has caused a lot of discussion around potential impacts, threats and mitigations. Like many organizations, we’ve been carefully monitoring the situation and talking to our building repair and restoration contractors about their views from the …

October 25, 2019 by Chris Carlton, Director, Repair Solutions
October 18, 2019
Dr. Teresa Bartlett
Senior Medical Officer
Strategies for improving mental health at the workplace

The first step toward improving mental health issues in the workplace is to raise awareness of these conditions and identify ways to assist those needing treatment. Sometimes, employers are surprised to learn the scale and scope of mental illnes…

October 18, 2019 by Dr. Teresa Bartlett, Senior Medical Officer
October 11, 2019
Kimberly George
SVP Corporate Development, M&A, and Healthcare
Comp Laude 2019: Recovery, independence and giving back

WorkCompCentral’s 2019 Comp Laude awards and gala brought workers’ compensation stakeholders together to share, educate and celebrate those who are dedicated to improving outcomes — and the industry as a whole.  As the 2017 recipient of t…

October 11, 2019 by Kimberly George, SVP Corporate Development, M&A, and Healthcare
October 05, 2019
Rebecca Sherman, LMSW, ACSW - Behavioral Health Specialist
What is resiliency and why does it matter?

The concept of resiliency has captured the attention of mental health professionals around the globe. And for good reason. Resiliency is our emotional fitness, or ability to bounce back from, cope with and adapt to adversity. Think of that old saying…

October 05, 2019 by Rebecca Sherman, LMSW, ACSW - Behavioral Health Specialist
September 27, 2019
Desiree Tolbert
AVP National Technical Compliance
First responder legislation trend continues

The introduction and passage of legislation across the country impacting benefits for first responders continues to be a trend in 2019. These bills primarily focus on cancer presumptions, mental health coverage, the expansion of covered first respond…

September 27, 2019 by Desiree Tolbert, AVP National Technical Compliance
September 20, 2019
Neil Baldwin, Head of UK Retail and Adrian Cartwright-Bain, UK Managing Director, Commercial
Supporting World Alzheimer’s Day

There are nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide. To raise awareness about this terrible disease, the Alzheimer’s Society is campaigning to highlight issues faced by people affected by dementia and raise funds to support vital resear…

September 20, 2019 by Neil Baldwin, Head of UK Retail and Adrian Cartwright-Bain, UK Managing Director, Commercial
September 20, 2019
Bill Zachry
Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
Gig economy facing a massive sea change in California

Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5: Gonzalez; D-San Diego), which was recently passed by the California legislature and just signed into law Wednesday by Governor Gavin Newsom, will fundamentally change much of California’s gig economy, including how gig wor…

September 20, 2019 by Bill Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
September 11, 2019
Damian Glynn
Director, Head of Financial Lines, UK
5 tricky matters: Examining the potential technical insurance pitfalls of Brexit

When the referendum result in June 2016 declared that the UK intended to leave the European Union, the plan was clear – we had to negotiate a withdrawal agreement, leave in March 2019 and enter into a transition period.   However, three ye…

September 11, 2019 by Damian Glynn, Director, Head of Financial Lines, UK