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December 13, 2019
Does utilization review really increase litigation rates?

Utilization review (UR) is an effective and proven approach that ensures injured workers receive timely and appropriate medical treatment for their work-related injuries. With UR, nurses review medical requests, comparing them to evidence-based guide…

December 13, 2019
October 11, 2019
Kimberly George
Global head of product development and innovation
Comp Laude 2019: Recovery, independence and giving back

WorkCompCentral’s 2019 Comp Laude awards and gala brought workers’ compensation stakeholders together to share, educate and celebrate those who are dedicated to improving outcomes — and the industry as a whole.  As the 2017 recipient of t…

October 11, 2019 by Kimberly George, Global head of product development and innovation
July 11, 2019
Beth Burry
AVP, clinical ops, Sedgwick field case management and return to work
Five important elements of a strong return-to-work program

When an employee gets injured on the job, helping them return to work as quickly and safely as possible is the top priority. The longer they stay off work, claim costs rise and productivity is impacted. Studies show that the longer an injured employe…

July 11, 2019 by Beth Burry, AVP, clinical ops, Sedgwick field case management and return to work
November 15, 2018
Bill Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
Peer Dialogues: Establishing effective settlement authority strategies

That magic moment . . . no, we aren’t launching a new dating site.  What we’re talking about is that specific point in time when a claim could and should have been settled and for some reason, often one beyond the control of the examiner, it was…

November 15, 2018 by Bill Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
May 02, 2018
Mark Debus
clinical behavioral health specialist
The value of work: A case study

In a recent case, I helped an injured employee overcome anxiety and return to work.  It turned out that going back to work was its own kind of cure.  Ryan was off work due to a lower back injury.  His claims examiner contacted me becau…

May 02, 2018 by Mark Debus, clinical behavioral health specialist
October 25, 2017
Dr. Reema Hammoud
AVP, clinical pharmacy
The pharmacist and the claim

Fostering awareness in the complex world of prescription drugs It is vital for a claims administrator to have pharmacists on staff because the current reality in workers’ compensation injury care is that prescription drug activity is a dangerous and…

October 25, 2017 by Dr. Reema Hammoud, AVP, clinical pharmacy
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