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January 24, 2023
Kathy Tazic
managing director client services
Imagine 23: highlighting industry trends for the year ahead

Sedgwick’s industry experts and thought leaders are committed to keeping our clients informed on emerging challenges, opportunities and industry news. We’re excited to introduce our Imagine 23 list, which highlights topics and trends employers, risk …

January 24, 2023 by Kathy Tazic, managing director client services
January 18, 2023
Adam Morell, JD - AVP, product compliance and Audrey Bryan - director, operations
Changing workplace accommodation requests and litigation trends

New state leave laws, changing employee expectations and long COVID are driving change when it comes to accommodations. As workers increasingly expect their employers to provide safety nets in supporting their physical and mental health, states are c…

January 18, 2023 by Adam Morell, JD - AVP, product compliance and Audrey Bryan - director, operations
December 19, 2022
Chris Frechette
vice president, liability practice
Reevaluating no-fault auto insurance: a tale of two PIP states

The promise of savings and disenchantment with the time and cost of litigating automobile claims in the courts gave rise to “personal injury protection” (PIP) and a “no-fault” approach to auto insurance in the 1970s. Under this system, the injured pa…

December 19, 2022 by Chris Frechette, vice president, liability practice
April 27, 2022
Jeremy Schutz
Rise in deaths linked to children’s products renews push for safety disclosure law

Following a steady increase in reported deaths caused by faulty children’s products, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is under pressure to act more aggressively in pushing companies to recall products that pose a risk to children and tod…

April 27, 2022 by Jeremy Schutz
April 12, 2022
Max Koonce
chief claims officer
3 claims complexities driving today’s discussions and tomorrow’s decisions

You may remember the days when claim reporting lag times, introduction of medical cost containment, and assessment of soft tissue injuries were common conversation drivers for claims professionals. Despite the host of new intricacies and nuances, the…

April 12, 2022 by Max Koonce, chief claims officer
March 08, 2022
Adam Morell, JD
assistant vice president, product compliance
Work from home, vaccine and litigation trends in 2022

The crystal ball for the remainder of 2022 shows us that trends around work from home, vaccine mandates and litigation are sure to evolve. How can employers prepare? Work from home: A game changer for employees with a disability Before the pa…

March 08, 2022 by Adam Morell, JD, assistant vice president, product compliance
January 06, 2022
Stephen Elliott, MBA, JD, CISSP, CSM
SVP, IT innovation and decision optimization
New technology in claims and productivity management: automation and AI

In today’s marketplace, countless vendors and technologies claim to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) or automate manual claims processes. One could argue that starting with the very first computer, this is what everyone has been working towards.…

January 06, 2022 by Stephen Elliott, MBA, JD, CISSP, CSM, SVP, IT innovation and decision optimization
December 01, 2021
Matt Walker
Benzene threat detected in spray deodorants

Online pharmacy Valisure is warning that spray deodorants may be toxic to consumers — creating big problems and possible litigation threats to companies that aren’t paying attention. Valisure recently tested and detected unsafe levels of benzen…

December 01, 2021 by Matt Walker
April 05, 2021
Amanda Combs
recall consultant
Stricter rules loom over dietary supplement industry

As dietary supplements rise in popularity, consumer advocates, regulators and lawmakers have become increasingly concerned that the current regulatory system is inadequate to ensure the products on the market are safe. Millions of Americans rely on d…

April 05, 2021 by Amanda Combs, recall consultant
March 25, 2021
Ryan Gooley
Baby food manufacturers face scrutiny over heavy metals found in products

Many of the country’s best-known baby food brands contain significant levels of toxic heavy metals. While they may naturally occur in the environment, a new congressional investigation has found that they can cause serious and often irreversible dama…

March 25, 2021 by Ryan Gooley
December 13, 2019
Does utilization review really increase litigation rates?

Utilization review (UR) is an effective and proven approach that ensures injured workers receive timely and appropriate medical treatment for their work-related injuries. With UR, nurses review medical requests, comparing them to evidence-based guide…

December 13, 2019
October 20, 2017
William Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
One simple step can make a big impact in reducing workers’ comp litigation

One of the most profound lessons I learned from implementing a workers’ compensation alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program was how employers could use a simple process to help reduce their litigation rate. As I’ve seen in my own experience …

October 20, 2017 by William Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
August 25, 2017
William Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
A “magic bullet” to reduce workers’ compensation costs?

Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system. Every state has laws and regulations mandating the prompt reporting of all injuries and accidents. Most of these laws are in place to protect the rights and benefits of injured workers. What many employ…

August 25, 2017 by William Zachry, Senior Fellow, Sedgwick Institute
May 17, 2017
The basics of complex claims

Most workers’ compensation claims do not start out as complex. They become complex over time due to specific drivers that increase costs and duration. Being able to recognize and resolve these drivers at the right time will help reduce a claim’s like…

May 17, 2017
December 18, 2015
Scott Rogers
Chief client officer
Protecting your brand

Whether it is a product recall, cyber attack or customer accident, companies work hard to protect their brands. They want to make sure that everything communicated and shared with their marketplace – customers, employees, investors and media – can …

December 18, 2015 by Scott Rogers, Chief client officer
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