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Brand protection

Brand and reputation are an organization’s most valuable and vulnerable assets. Brands embody and encapsulate everything a business does, and its customers expect. With the growing value of brands comes the increased need to protect against legal, financial and operational impacts arising from in-market incidents and crises – from product recalls to marketplace remediation and more.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands and most relied on businesses, Sedgwick is the market-leading provider of best practice recall, remediation and retention solutions.

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In an increasingly complex and regulated world, being prepared for risks is essential, having the capabilities to act quickly and effectively is critical.

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We work across all industries to manage risks and minimize impacts.

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No matter the complexity of the challenge, Sedgwick’s brand protection experts are here to help.

Business challenges

Our clients are experts at researching, developing and supplying products to their customers, but often they need outside support to create a comprehensive plan to protect their brand reputation and bottom-line once goods are in-market.

Risks and challenges can increase significantly from alleged and actual defective products. From the perception of serious safety risks to consumers to actual public health dangers, defects and other events such as a cyber breach can cause significant financial and reputational damage.

As the regulatory landscape becomes more robust, supply chains grow more complex and customers’ expectations grow, companies need to better manage risks before, during and after business and product crises to minimize impacts and protect ongoing value. With Sedgwick, you can count on us.

Protect your brand

Protecting businesses, their customers and our environment can be achieved through best practice solutions, but it starts with recognizing the challenges or vulnerabilities in your business plans.


Industries served

Many factors are increasing in-market challenges for companies across all industries. These include a more robust focus on safety and regulation by authorities, the rise of complex global supply chains, the knock-on effect from the current economic landscape, rising consumer awareness and expectations, and the growing influence of social media.

Even in a changing landscape, our experience enables us to find the best approach for any situation and resolve the issue for our customers.

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A network of reliable partners

Sedgwick’s brand protection solutions are deliberately scalable and customizable. This allows us to pivot to meet unique needs and challenges. We can combine our decades of experience and expansive in-house solutions including external experts such as crisis management public relations agencies and business consultancies, industry groups, insurance companies, law firms and regulators in any combination needed. Together, we effectively and efficiently resolve any business and product crisis.

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