Risk + recovery

Helping businesses control costs and achieve their objectives.

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What we do

Reducing loss frequency and severity, lowering the cost of risk, and ensuring safety compliance are key goals for our clients, but accomplishing them can be difficult while managing complex regulations and other industry challenges. We provide a wide range of expert risk and recovery services to help businesses control costs and achieve their objectives.

Protecting your people and safeguarding your resources while ensuring compliance.


Caring counts

Every day, thousands of people turn to Sedgwick when faced with a life-changing moment. They work for global brands that want to provide the best coverage for the people they value most. They are big and small business owners who need to get things back on track. And they are employees and consumers who need to know that they’re protected. We take care of them when they need it most, helping them get back on their feet, back on the road, back to business as usual — because caring counts.

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