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In an environment that is based on trust, damage to works of art or precious objects requires careful management by competent professionals.

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Appraising works of art, valuables and jewellery requires technical skills of certified professionals who are authorised to carry out the most reliable approach and the most appropriate investigation for each claim — whether it be due to theft, loss, breakage, water damage or fire.


In addition to adjusting property damage, our experts are equipped to intervene before a claim takes place for prevention measures. We can establish insurance or sharing values, as well as audits of transport, theft, intrusion and malicious acts (contract guarantee, mechanical protection, electronic surveillance and detection, risk of fire, etc.).


Every day, our professional and private clients trust that Sedgwick can recommend and implement measures for prevention, preservation and restoration of their assets — whether they be of significant sentimental and/or financial value.

Agile prevention, preservation and restoration solutions by qualified and certified experts

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