Tropical Cyclone Jasper

December 13, 2023

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Tropical Cyclone Jasper hit the North Queensland coast on 13 December as a category two cyclone bringing with it a devastating amount of rain and causing significant flooding across the region in the days after it made landfall. Many areas recorded more than a metre of rain, some recording over half a metre in just a matter of hours.

On 5 December, Tropical Cyclone Jasper developed in the northern Coral Sea, converging around the Solomon Islands. While moving southwest in the Coral Sea, Jasper reached as high as a Category 4 system before being downgraded. On 13 December, the Category 2 system made landfall north of Port Douglas as Australia’s first tropical cyclone of the season.

We’re here to support you. Sedgwick is here to help and provide emergency assistance in the region.

For 24-hour support within Australia, contact 1800 811 285.

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