National Comp recap

October 28, 2022

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By Josephine Copeland – SVP product design and strategy, Dr. Teresa Bartlett – managing director and Jason Bliss – SVP business development

Staffing demands are top of mind for employers around the world and across all industries. How do we support claims examiners as case load increases, especially during a time when attracting and retaining talent is so difficult?

Many employers have evolved their organizational culture to set themselves apart from the competition. And while COVID has certainly played a role in some of the workforce challenges, long-COVID has created a new landscape for employers to navigate.

Earlier this month, Josephine Copeland, Dr. Teresa Bartlett and Jason Bliss attended National Comp, our last major U.S. industry event as we wrap up 2022. In this podcast, they recap the event — sharing key takeaways from their sessions, trends they’re keeping a close eye on and what they expect to be front and center in 2023. To listen, click here.

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