Technology that works with you and for you.

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What we do

Sedgwick’s technology platforms were developed based on experience with clients in all industries across multiple lines of business and the millions of claims we manage each year. We deliver superior technology solutions to many of the world’s premier organisations.  

Our digital solutions are built to support clients and their customers — every step of the way.

People first. Tech forward. Data driven.

Sedgwick is a people first, tech forward and data driven service provider. This formula enables us to provide cost-effective solutions that meet clients’ ever-changing needs. Our expert team, proprietary technology and unparalleled industry data provide a powerful, seamless and ideal digital claims experience. Our systems are built around advanced market-facing claims tools that support every aspect of our services — and make the client, consumer and policyholder the focus at every turn.

With, viaOne and mySedgwick we continue to innovate.

Using emerging technology, we’re looking deeper into the details of a claim, case or exposure — identifying trends to predict and influence next steps throughout the process. We’re automating, analysing and visualising claim details to tell a more complete, transparent data story. Our goal is to give clients a complete view of their business and drive faster resolution, overall satisfaction and lower total cost of risk.

Technology continues to transform our industry, and Sedgwick is leading the charge.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, datafication and robotic process automation to improve our solutions, processes and possibilities. But the real value of these tools — which are most successful when combined with the human touch — is how they can support people. Technology enables our colleagues to do their best work and fulfill our commitment to care. It also supports the people who turn to us in a time of need — making it simpler to create a claim, faster to triage and move claims to resolution, and easier to stay informed throughout the process. As we anticipate the direction and needs of the marketplace, we aim to find new ways to use technology to provide an optimal experience and deliver results.

Why choose Sedgwick?

  • Nimble and adaptive to evolving market needs
  • Proprietary digital suite, allowing for scalability and flexibility
  • Smart tools and sophisticated predictive models guide actions at the desk level
  • Omnichannel communication tools engage people throughout the claims process
  • Robust information security programme supports data privacy and compliance
  • Investments in technologies that enable our talented professionals to focus on caring
  • Systems designed to provide a seamless claim journey and powerful digital experience

Caring counts

Every day, thousands of people turn to Sedgwick when faced with a life-changing moment. They work for global brands that want to provide the best coverage for the people they value most. They are big and small business owners who need to get things back on track. And they are employees and consumers who need to know that they’re protected. We take care of them when they need it most, helping them get back on their feet, back on the road, back to business as usual — because caring counts.