Connecting for each other 

May 14, 2024

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By Tracy Mock, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Sedgwick

Sedgwick has long been committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and teaming up for the greater good. Each year at RISKWORLD, we have the opportunity to expand relationships with clients and create meaningful interactions with a variety of organizations in unique ways that align with our caring counts philosophy. This year, we’re proud to have partnered with Canine Companions and the Spencer Educational Foundation.  These partnerships helped us connect with each other during the conference and will benefit many others into the future. 

Canine Companions — Southwest Region

Canine Companions is an IRS 501c3 nonprofit organization leading the service dog industry whose work helps their clients and their dogs live with greater independence. The charity provides service dogs to adults with physical or auditory disabilities, children with physical or cognitive disabilities and veterans with disabilities or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Canine Companions also provides facility dogs to professionals working in a healthcare, visitation, criminal justice or educational setting. 

Several of Canine Companions’ animals joined us at the Sedgwick-sponsored Wellness ZENter booth during RISKWORLD, giving attendees the opportunity to experience the physical, social and psychological benefits of animal-assisted therapy, while connecting, learning and recharging. We were pleased to provide an opportunity to spend time with the therapy dogs and many of our industry friends during RIMS and to support Canine Companions in their future mission.

Pictured: Friends of Sedgwick with a few of the service and therapy animals courtesy of Canine Companions

Spencer Educational Foundation

We were again thrilled to bring together our industry for the 10th annual Spencer & Sedgwick 5K Fun Run on Tuesday, May 7 to raise funds for Spencer’s important mission. The foundation funds the education of future leaders entering into risk management and insurance-related careers. Since its inception in 1979, Spencer has awarded $9.5 million in scholarships to deserving students and more than $8 million in grants to universities and other professional institutions across the U.S. and Canada.

Pictured: Sedgwick colleagues gearing up for their 5K

Supporting organizations like Canine Companions and the Spencer Educational Foundation is part of what makes the annual RISKWORLD conference and Sedgwick’s involvement so special. This unique, week-long opportunity in the conference’s host city gave us a chance to gain new perspectives, turn ideas into action and connect with — and for — each other. 

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