Cultivating concierge-level service

December 22, 2022

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Written by Chris Mayo – senior vice president, operations | James Paprocki – managing director | Clint Christman – vice president, client services

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, our industry has adopted technology more rapidly. As a result, we’ve found new opportunities to incorporate digital solutions that streamline and enhance the claims process — from field apps to intuitive intake engines and automated resolution to improved self-service platforms.

Strategic staffing support rounds out the service offering, allowing our clients to provide real-time assistance on the ground while deepening our field expertise for future applications.

These end-to-end solutions, specifically in the casualtyproperty and auto claims space, are yielding major benefits for clients, including faster resolution and greater customer satisfaction. In tailoring each response to our clients’ needs, we create a white-label service that’s scalable while still fitting neatly with each client’s philosophy.

An end-to-end solution

In terms of structure, we’ve arranged for the best possible outcomes of claims by segmenting the business in a monoline fashion, such that the team handles one function at a time between first notice of loss (FNOL) to the closing of the claim. By segmenting service according to function – an injury examiner will assess an injury claim, the total loss team will negotiate and settle losses, and so on – we can move the claims process along efficiently while focusing expertise, which creates a trackable roadmap for the customer and builds trust.

Offering a high-level end-to-end solution means being available for an unexpected event that could require an urgent response. The opening of our after-hours call center supported by our after-hours escalation team had a phenomenal response from clients. Staffed and sold as a standalone service, the after-hours call center shows real commitment to the claimant and agility in responding to significant loss events.

Staffing for best possible outcomes

Beyond serving as a valuable tool in surge scenarios, staffing solutions are becoming more of a necessity for maintaining quality service and speed of resolution for claims management, adjusting, inspection and loss control needs. The way we look to hire isn’t rigid. We’re flexible from a recruiting standpoint and hire based on what the world looks like now. This process used to be solely brick-and-mortar, but that’s changed since the onset of the pandemic. Having done the market research necessary to identify where the talent is, we landed on a key piece of our best-in-class formula: the independent contractor.

Scalable, white-label service

Oftentimes our clients don’t have the scale to dedicate resources — specifically human talent — to each function along the claims pipeline. With our white-label approach, each response program is tailor-made to meet a client’s needs. Our ability to drive best-in-class outcomes via an end-to-end solution — in which each function of the claims process is segmented and assigned designated specialists, from FNOL to closing — is our response to the post-pandemic market. We’ve defied current expectations of service by delivering an elevated customer experience that’s actually hands-on every step of the way. As our relationships expand and our center of excellence continues to boast success stories, we’ll continue adapting to meet clients where they are by supporting risk assessment, ensuring preparedness and streamlining claims management for urgent action in the event of loss.

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