Hurricane Beryl devastates the Caribbean

July 3, 2024

Palm trees blowing in a hurricane wind.
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According to the National Hurricane Center, Category 4 Hurricane Beryl continues to wreak havoc in the Caribbean Sea, with sustained windspeeds of up to 145 mph. The storm previously made landfall on islands in Grenada and Barbados, causing severe damage to fishing vessels and structures.

Hurricane Beryl is forecasted to be at or near major hurricane intensity as it passes through Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, before hitting parts of Texas and Central America as a tropical storm.

The hurricane continues to break records, becoming the first Category 4 storm ever to form in the Atlantic Ocean in the month of June, the earliest major hurricane in 58 years, and the strongest hurricane ever on record — becoming a Category 5 with sustained winds of up to 165 mph at its peak. The storm’s strength is in part due to little-to-no wind shear and unusually warm water temperatures in the Atlantic.

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