National Wildfire Awareness Month

May 10, 2023

A wildfire burning through brush.
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Fire management decision makers are on high alert during National Wildfire Awareness Month. Each year, wildfires affect thousands of people and ravage millions of acres. The rise in wildfires can be attributed to forestry activity (or lack thereof), infrastructure, climate and more. Experts anticipate that this year’s season may extend longer than it typically does.

Having a plan in place in the event of a wildfire is critical. Business leaders must review, practice and communicate safety measures with employees much like our children practice evacuation drills at school. Dry runs and tabletop exercises are a good way to sleuth out any bugs in an organization’s plan and ensures all team members are on the same page.

Climate change is another topic of concern as extreme weather, flood, wildfire and hurricane incidents continue to increase across the country. In addition to examining existing and growing risks, insurance carriers are promoting resilience strategies to mitigate those risks, including “wildfire-proofing” your home with smarter techniques. Creating defensible space by clearing the area and placing vegetation around your home, covering chimney and stove pipe openings, and installing an exterior fire protection system are a few places to start.

Preventative measures are important to maintain now and throughout the year. Ensure that your plans protect and prevent loss of life. EFI Global is closely monitoring the upcoming wildfire season and we are here to help you with any needs that arise during the months to come. For more, be sure to visit our website and get the latest updates from the CAT resource center.

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