Severe weather hits Nova Scotia, causing devastating floods

July 6, 2023

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Severe thunderstorms swept through Nova Scotia this past weekend, dumping a record-breaking amount of rainfall to the area and leading to flash flooding. Devastating floods have caused mass evacuations and damaged bridges, washed away roads and a Canadian National Railway track and swamped buildings. A province-wide state of emergency is in effect until Aug. 5 to help the government get rail and roadways back up and in operation.

The worst of the flooding occurred in central Nova Scotia, in cities including Halifax, Bridgewater, Windsor and Lunenburg. CBC reports indicate that over three months’ worth of rainfall fell in northwest Halifax this past weekend, which is the most rainfall this area has received in more than 50 years. In some areas, the storm dumped over 10 inches of rain in just 24 hours.

The latest storms to hit Nova Scotia are part of a string of weather-related disasters in the area. A wildfire destroyed more than 250 homes and caused more than 16,000 residents to flee this May, and last fall, post-tropical storm Fiona made landfall in Nova Scotia and caused more than $660 million in damages.

We’re here to support you Due to the recent weather activity in Nova Scotia, Sedgwick has put our team in place, including our building consultants, forensic accountants and forensic engineers. If you need assistance, please let us know using the contact information below. For claims requiring immediate attendance, please contact our call centre at: P. 1.800.Adjust4 (1.800.235.8784)

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