Imagine 23: Sedgwick looks ahead to this year’s industry trends

January 24, 2023

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MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 24, 2023 — Sedgwick, a leading global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, has released its “Imagine 23” report of major industry trends and issues that employers, brokers, carriers, risk managers, human resources professionals and product safety experts should be aware of throughout the coming year.

“We’re living in a world of constant change and evolving challenges,” said Kathy Tazic, managing director, client services at Sedgwick. “We believe there is opportunity to imagine the possibilities for growth and embrace change so we can best serve our global client base. Our trends analysis this year is just the starting point as we forecast and follow issues that matter to our industry, share ideas, and offer support and solutions around the world.”

For Imagine 23, Sedgwick’s experts and thought leaders focused on 23 essential trends to watch in the year ahead; the company will continue to monitor their impact on the industry throughout 2023. These trends align with Sedgwick’s focus on the pillars of people, property, brands and performance.

Imagine people… healthy, resilient, supported, thriving, productive Organizations have grown more responsive to the needs of their workforce and customers, imagining ways to find stability amid ongoing health and productivity challenges. In pursuit of healthy workplace culture, new options for onboarding, collaboration, inclusion and benefits will be top of mind.

Imagine property… transformed, reengineered, restored, sustainable, ready Property challenges range from the specific to the complex to the obscure. In an era of specialty expertise, technology allows us to reimagine the ways we work, collaborate, manage data, and reach improved claims outcomes. Carriers and risk managers will need the right tools, expertise and partners to be prepared for oncoming challenges in climate, coverage and continuity.

Imagine brands… protected, prepared, responsive, connected, compliant Operating in a globalized and connected environment, organizations must be acutely aware of the changes — in regulations, technology, consumer preferences, supply chains — as well as the related risks. Failure to achieve compliance can take a toll on brand reputation. In the year ahead, added value will come through proactive risk management and prevention, data protection and ESG-inspired corporate transformation.

Imagine performance… stable, tenacious, quality-focused, optimized, strategic In uncertain times, organizations can imagine ways to persevere. This year, the ongoing impact of inflation and broad geopolitical pressures will be rivaled by growth in automation, new strategies for managing claims performance, and the use of technology and data to redefine quality in the claims process.

For the full list of trends that comprise the Imagine 23 report, as well as Sedgwick’s broader industry thought leadership, visit

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