Pool administration

More than 4,000 U.S. public entities trust us to manage their risk pools.

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Our team

Sedgwick’s team of public entity professionals has the cumulative experience to manage pools with consistency and empathy. From coverage design and strategic planning to member services and meeting facilitation, the pools entrusted to us are in good hands. We work to ensure pools have clear direction through road-mapping, annual goals, timelines, budgets and other initiatives. We also manage everyday pool administration, so members can focus on serving the public.

Understanding, identifying, and addressing your exposures is of critical importance to us, which is why we stay one step ahead of trends, opportunities and potential risks. Our team of experts can handle litigation management, risk control, underwriting and reinsurance consultation for your pool.

Sedgwick can recommend coverages and services to address all potential exposures, including emerging ones.

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