International Day of Charity: celebrating our colleagues and community champions

September 5 is the International Day of Charity — offering a chance for organizations to increase and enhance social responsibility around the world, and to celebrate volunteerism and philanthropic activities. Our colleagues demonstrate every day how caring counts, and we want to help their efforts go even further.

With our community champions program, we’re honored to recognize colleagues who give back to their own communities. Annually, we’ll be spotlighting colleagues who go above and beyond for their charity of choice. We’ve shared those spotlighted community champions with our global colleagues and invited them to vote on the individual they believe has demonstrated the most significant commitment and driven an impact in their community.

Please join us in celebrating four colleagues whose efforts in their own communities have made a tangible difference and whose chosen causes will receive a charitable donation from Sedgwick.

Making a difference

Modesto De la O

Modesto is the president of Foxhole , an organization that connects veterans and their families to jobs, financial support and other resources. These resources can be lifesaving, as many veterans struggle with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts as they work to reintegrate into civilian society. Modesto leads a free Brazilian jiu-jitsu class every Sunday – something he’s done for the past five years. He also provides peer-to-peer 24/7 support to veterans, hosts fundraisers throughout the year and works with potential donors. He’s involved with Foxhole because he knows firsthand the difficulties in transitioning from military service. Four of his friends and fellow veterans chose to end their own lives, and Modesto honors them by showing veterans healthy ways to cope with challenges as they transition to civilian life.

Abi Vincent

Abi volunteers at Hangar Hub Food Pantry in the U.K. every Sunday. The food pantry provides boxes of chilled, frozen and fresh food to low-income families and anyone else struggling to put food on the table for their family. The pantry also provides miscellaneous items including sanitary products, toothpaste and more. She helps by checking food inventories at the pantry, setting up boxes of food and cleaning up after the pantry closes to the public. Abi also works with local grocery stores and collects donated food a couple times a week. Abi is passionate about reducing food waste and helping her community. She has seen how the pantry makes a difference to families who are struggling and feels privileged to be able to help.

Jackie Ulichnie

Jackie began volunteering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society 17 years ago, which provides services and programs for individuals living with multiple sclerosis to help manage the disease's mobility challenges in everyday life. The MS Society also raises funds for research and development of new drug therapies. For Jackie, working with this organization has become a life-long passion, and she has used her PTO to volunteer at local fundraising events, including the annual 150-mile bike ride. Jackie is deeply involved in the planning of these bike rides, attending monthly meetings and collaborating with the organization's leadership and logistic partners. She's also there on race day as a Site Lead to make sure the event runs smoothly. Over the years of working with the National MS Society, she's made many lifelong friends living with the disease, and they motivate her every day to do whatever she can to find a cure.

Elizabeth Demaret

Elizabeth has served on the board of directors for the Kenneth Young Center for the past four years and also helps by fundraising, donating and volunteering. The organization aims to foster healthier communities by providing family counseling, mental health support, in-home services for the elderly, substance abuse prevention and recovery programs, support for survivors of domestic violence and more. Elizabeth has a personal connection to the group’s mission. In 2004, she turned to an organization like the Kenneth Young Center as a survivor of domestic violence, where she received protection and support for herself and children. She’s been working every day since to pay that help forward.

For many years, Sedgwick has been committed to giving back and making a difference in our global communities through our corporate giving strategy. And our colleagues are doing amazing work of their own for causes they’re passionate about. To our community champions around the world, thank you for showing how caring counts.

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