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Since 1995 we’ve partnered with the world’s leading brands across all industries to manage the risks and minimize the impacts of in-market product crises.


Expertly guiding industries through evolving risk landscapes since 1995.

Since our founding in 1995, we’ve witnessed global shifts in the nature of product safety across all industries. Legislative changes, technological advancements, shifts in consumer (and regulatory) preferences, and the transformation of supply chains has had a profound, and lasting, impact on the obligations of manufactures.

But, we haven’t just watched this evolution. We’ve been part of it. We’ve helped companies across all industries prepare for and adapt to some of the most challenging product safety events in their history. Discover how we can support you.

The world's leading product recall company


For over 25 years we’ve partnered with the world’s leading brands and businesses across industry to help them manage the risks, minimize the impacts, and mitigate the future onset of product recalls and other in-market product crises.

During this time our goal has remained consistent; to helps brands uphold their promises of safety, quality, and service to their customers, supply chain partners, and industry regulators.

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We are proud to partner with 9/10 of the world’s leading automakers.

Safety campaigns in the automotive sector have historically been precautionary, meaning they are not necessarily driven by a live product safety event. Consequently, the size and scope of recalls has grown as brands face higher levels of public and regulatory scrutiny. In the past 5 years, we’ve seen global automotive recall events increase 5.6% Y-o-Y.

Trusted by the world’s leading automakers, we support the sector with a wide range solutions. From vehicle reacquisition, to product recalls, market withdrawals, mobile repairs, data enrichment, funds management and disbursement, verification and vehicle inspections… and much more, we have the experience and resources you need.

The world's leading automotive product recall company


We are proud to partner with 4/5 of the world’s leading retailers.

Global consumer product recalls have risen 7.6% Y-o-Y in the past 5 years. Each event demands the fast, accurate removal of affected products from the supply chain in order to safeguard the public.

For over 25 years we’ve partnered with the world’s leading consumer product brands and retailers to ensure product safety events are managed with a focus on regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. From satisfying stringent regulatory guidelines to providing seamless communication with consumers and retailers, our strategies are designed to protect your consumers, your brand, and your bottom-line.

The world's leading consumer product recall company


We are proud to partner with 9/10 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands.

With global regulators becoming more collaborative in their oversight activities and independent labs, pharmacies and academic institutions taking a larger role in monitoring product safety and quality, the risks to pharmaceutical brands has increased dramatically. In the past 3 years, we’ve seen global pharmaceutical events increase 17.1% Y-o-Y, mostly due to cGMP deviations, contamination, sterility issues and mislabeling.

Supporting the sector for over 25 years, we offer best-in-class critical drug recall services, including on-site product effectiveness checks, notification services, product processing, segregated secure storage facilities, and government-mandated preparedness planning.

The world's leading pharmaceutical product recall company


We are proud to partner with 7/10 of the world’s leading medical device brands.

When medical devices put patients at risk, swift action is critical for successful resolution. In addition to patient lives, poorly managed recalls of defective devices can have a devastating impact on your brand and bottom-line.

With over 25 years’ sector experience, we are uniquely qualified to address the most complex product recall or corrective action. Whether satisfying stringent regulatory requirements, coordinating seamless notification and response programs, or managing product retrieval, field repair or destruction, we have the capabilities to ensure expedient resolution, regardless of scope.

The world's leading medical device product recall company


We are proud to partner with 8/10 of the world’s leading food and drink brands.

Regulatory scrutiny is increasing around the world in response to a number of high-profile product recalls and rising consumer expectations. Authorities are far more proactive after a number of fatal outbreaks, with health officials in some jurisdictions pushing for immediate action rather than wait for test results and science to lead the way. At the same time, food manufacturers face increased scrutiny and enforcement for food safety issues including undeclared allergens, toxins, manufacturing errors, mislabeling or unintentional cross-contamination and environment contamination.

When food safety is on the line, growers, processors, manufacturers and distributors rely on Sedgwick’s comprehensive consultancy, infrastructure and industry-leading expertise to remove products from shelves and worries from consumers’ minds.

The world's leading food and drink product recall company


We are proud to partner with 4/5 of the world’s leading technology brands.

The consumer electronics sector faces a myriad of risks throughout the product lifecycle. From supply chain disruptions and counterfeit components, to lithium-ion battery failure/thermal runaway, cyber threats posed by the ubiquity of device connectivity, and hazardous material disposal at end-of-life. As technology continues its rapid advancement, constant vigilance, adaptive frameworks, and stringent safety measures are vital to ensure product integrity and safety.

For over 25 years we have partnered with the world’s leading technology brands. From managing global product recalls, to swiftly rectifying on-site issues in manufacturing hubs, retail outlets, and consumers’ homes, we ensure prompt and accurate resolutions, safeguarding brands.

The world's leading electronics product recall company


Sedgwick Brand Protection – the world’s leading product recall company

Whether your in-house teams need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or you require a complete end-to-end product recall solution, we have the experience and resources to help protect your brand and peace of mind.

If you’re currently facing a product recall, or seeking to enhance your recall readiness, contact us now.


Sedgwick brand protection is the world’s leading product recall provider. Since 1995, we’ve managed 7,000+ of the most sensitive recall events, spanning 100+ countries and 50+ languages.


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