Harnessing the power of technology and empathy in loss adjusting

May 21, 2024

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By Jason Wyer, General Manager, Property, Australia; Phil Marshall, Regional Leader QLD and executive MCL adjuster

This blog is the final installment in a series where our property experts highlight recent claims. In part four, we discuss how technology and empathy play a role in claims.

Loss adjusting is a critical industry, often at the forefront during catastrophic events. In the claims world, pushing the technological boundaries can help enhance operations and improve the overall experience for both clients and adjusters. This blog delves into how Sedgwick combines technology and empathy to meet client needs and exceed expectations.


There have been more and more developments that have impacted and enhanced the work of loss adjusters. Some of these have resulted from innovative technologies that create new ways of carrying out the claims process and accessing information. Tools such as tablets have equipped adjusters with custom applications for data capture. They not only enhance speed and accuracy but also ensure consistent and compliant data collection. Furthermore, they expedite the training process for newcomers to the loss adjusting field.

In addition to tablets, our experts harness satellite imagery, drones and digital twin technology to gain visibility into difficult-to-reach locations. This enables the team to collect data efficiently, reducing the burden on adjusters and allowing them to focus on providing vital assistance to clients.

Sedgwick has also developed an innovative on-demand platform that leverages an extensive network of expert adjusters — enabling us to respond quickly to client needs. This approach expedites claims resolution, enhances hazard assessments, reduces travel expenses, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, we introduced a virtual assessment tool that allows for remote site visits, which improves communication with customers, especially in a COVID-safe environment.


Empathy and intuition are needed to create the best outcome for insurance claims — no matter their size. As one of the first points of contact for homeowners and businesses facing devastation, loss adjusters must be trained to listen, follow through and show they care. The human touch is invaluable for both insurers and insureds. Showing genuine empathy creates the trust needed to work well with multiple parties.

The future of loss adjusting

As weather disasters become more frequent and intense, Sedgwick is acutely aware of the growing challenges. We emphasise the need for preparation and mitigation strategies, highlighting the importance of government standardisation in disaster recovery and response. Transparent and collaborative processes across all stakeholders, coupled with real-time data sharing, are seen as critical components of future success in the industry.

Sedgwick’s approach to loss adjusting combines cutting-edge technology with a strong emphasis on empathy and customer centricity. Streamlining operations is equally as important as ensuring clients receive the support they need during challenging times. As we look ahead, we are committed to preparing for the inevitable increase in catastrophic events, demonstrating that technology and humanity can work hand in hand to serve a greater purpose.

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