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We are proud to partner with 4/5 of the world’s leading technology brands.

In an era driven by persistent consumer appetite for rapid innovation, technology manufacturers face intensified pressures.

The pursuit of satisfying these unyielding demands not only accelerates generational product cycles but also amplifies the urgency for product safety as brands vie for market supremacy. The ubiquity of lithium-ion batteries across devices, heightens safety concerns, from thermal runaway and fire hazards, to potential explosions. Concurrently, resource scarcity (exemplified by chip shortages), constrains production, prompting manufacturers to scout alternative suppliers and materials, further complicating the safety landscape.

These converging factors, compounded by increasingly stringent regulatory oversight and evolving novel risks from emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, necessitate heightened vigilance and immediate action to safeguard consumer safety and the integrity of brands.

Since 1995, we’ve partnered with the world’s leading technology manufacturers to develop, test and execute over 7,000 product recall and remediation programs across 100 countries and 50 languages.

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In the dynamic realm of technology, new risks continually emerge, challenging brands in unprecedented ways.

The emergence and integration of technologies like AI, machine learning and IoT offer immense possibilities but also introduces vulnerabilities, such as data privacy breaches, algorithmic biases, and interconnected risks among smart devices. The ubiquity of lithium-ion batteries adds fire hazards and explosion risks. This ever evolving landscape necessitates recall-readiness. Mishandling a product recall not only jeopardizes consumer safety but can also inflict ruinous consequences on brand reputation and trust. It can destabilise market presence, leading to substantial financial losses, erosion of consumer confidence, and barriers to future innovation.

Being product recall-ready is not just about compliance; it’s a strategic imperative to protect consumer safety, uphold brand credibility, and navigate the intricate challenges inherent in this rapidly evolving sector.

With three decades of industry experience, we are uniquely qualified to address the most intricate of technology product recalls. Whether navigating complex regulatory demands and compliance specifications, orchestrating seamless consumer notification and response programs, or managing product retrieval, repair or destruction – we have the experience to help.

The world's leading consumer product recall company


While not every device issue mandates a formal recall, swift and cautious action is indispensable in ensuring user safety and satisfaction.

When a technology product requires market withdrawal, retrieval due to consumer complaint, or compliant end-of-life disposal, our extensive remediation expertise stands ready.

Robust remediation programs serve as a testament to a company’s commitment to upholding the highest standards. They are strategic investments aimed at pre-empting – and averting – future crises, preserving brand integrity and customer satisfaction.

Since 1995, we have partnered with the world’s leading technology manufacturers, providing critical support for market withdrawals, product updates, upgrades and warranty work – including part replacement and customer call center support for concerns spanning normal wear and tear, to questions about device quality.

The world's leading product recall company


With Sedgwick Brand Protection, gain 24-7-365 access to a global team of brand ambassadors ready to field calls from concerned customers.

Our expertise extends beyond the handling and resolution of product recall inquiries, to encompass a wide range of business and product related challenges – from market withdrawals, product safety alerts, corrective action programs, and much more. Since 1995 we have provided technology manufacturers with:

  • Instant on-demand support that adds flexibility and agility to existing customer engagement infrastructures, alleviating pressure on resources as call volumes surge – ensuring vital day-to-day business operations are not compromised.
  • Scalability in size and duration, from short-term engagements to long-term programs in response to one-time product recalls or persistent issues. Flexibility on-demand – simply dial up and down as required.
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The world’s leading product recall company

For over 25 years, companies of all sizes and sectors have trusted our expertise in preparing for and managing their product-related challenges. Since 1995, we’ve successfully managed more than 7,000 of the most sensitive and time-critical product recall programs, spanning 100 countries and 50 languages.

Whether your in-house teams need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or you require a complete end-to-end product recall solution, we have the experience to protect your brand and peace of mind.

If you’re currently facing a product recall, or seeking to enhance your recall readiness, contact us now.


Whether you’re planning for — or currently facing — a product recall, market withdrawal, or any other in-market product incident, our experts are on hand to support you.