Time + material software

Streamline projects with a complete system that bridges the gap between field documentation and data input.

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What we do

One complete system proven to keep your bills accurate, consistent and 100% transparent. Our programs enable users to capture mobile data in the field and seamlessly import documentation, eliminating the need for manual inputation or handwritten documents.

T&M Pro suite is Sedgwick’s premier, user-friendly billing and data management system developed for the construction, mitigation and property loss industries. It combines several applications into one software suite to help contractors fully align commercial projects with accurate billing and estimates. The system includes various options to help contractors complete bills for complex projects, develop detailed estimates and upload data while on the job.

Our comprehensive line of software is tailored to meet even the most demanding time and material billing needs.

Benefits for contractors and carriers

Our T&M Pro Suite software includes three primary programs that work together and offer advantages for contractors and carriers.

  • T&M Pro: Bill time and material, rate and material, and/or cost plus to complete complex projects with ease
  • T&M Estimator: Construct an extremely detailed estimation, projection or rough order of magnitude (ROM)
  • T&M Go: Capture billable field data and generate daily reports designed to upload directly

Why choose Sedgwick?

  • Once T&M Pro is installed, it can be used in any location without web access
  • On-site data validation
  • Centralized project information to manage multiple parts of the job all in one system
  • 24/7 technical support and live chat with T&M experts
  • Eliminate tedious paperwork with our paperless billable data capture

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