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The spotlight on product safety is shining brighter than ever. From new voluntary standards and official rulemaking to unilateral warnings from regulators, companies across all industries and jurisdictions face unprecedented threats. How recall ready are you?


Trusted by by the world’s leading brands, since 1995 we’ve handled over 7,000 recall events in 100 countries.

No business likes to admit that they will eventually face a product recall. However, many regulatory agencies not only suggest, but mandate, that companies incorporate recall management plans into their standard business procedures. Consequently, when the inevitable occurs, companies are better equipped to safeguard their consumers, brand, and bottom-line.

With three decades of global experience, we can confidently affirm that companies who routinely test their product recall plans consistently demonstrate swifter recovery and restoration of normal operations. Well-established product recall plans enable companies to comply more efficiently with government regulations, sustain internal organizational structure, maintain trust with customers, while significantly reducing the potential financial impact of the event itself.

Whether you have an existing product recall plan, or are looking to establish one, we’re here to help. Take proactive steps toward being recall-ready – contact us today.

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Companies armed with a product recall plan tailored to their specific needs and regulatory requirements have taken the first step in recall preparedness. But, in our experience, simply having a plan means little. Too many companies fail to stress-test their recall plans through proactive risk assessments and capability audits, mock recalls and other crisis drills or simulations.

The true effectiveness of your recall plan hinges on a crucial element: a rigorous mock recall simulation based on a series of specific, measurable objectives.

When the right objectives are identified, and honestly and thoughtfully evaluated, a mock recall goes beyond the typical analysis of your organisation’s decision-making and logistics processes. Effective mock recalls identify gaps, opportunities and potential missteps before the onset of a live recall event, allowing you to effectively mitigate the regulatory, operational and reputational risks that follow.

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The world's leading product recall company


Beyond compliance: the strategic imperative of continuous product safety training.

Product safety is a multifaceted responsibility which demands ongoing training for employees at all levels, extending beyond the scope of mock recall and crisis drills.

The heightened attention to product safety in the public eye, coupled with increased regulatory scrutiny and advancing technologies, underscores the importance of adopting a proactive stance on continuous training. This dedication guarantees a thorough comprehension of evolving best practices and methodologies, ensuring teams remain current and recall-ready.

Augmenting mock recall and simulations with continuous training equips teams with a competitive advantage, preparing them to navigate real-world product recall crises and safeguarding the brand and bottom-line.

Product safety is vital yet intricate. Training is indispensable for guaranteeing proficiency in daily responsibilities and efficacy in addressing product-related crises. Discover how we can support with your product safety training, contact us today:

The world's leading product recall company


Leverage third-party expertise to optimize your existing product recall plans.

For companies with existing product recall plans, ensuring their effectiveness is paramount amid evolving challenges. The heightened emphasis on product safety, coupled with increased regulatory scrutiny and advancing technologies, underscores the need for continuous review. This ongoing process is vital to ensure plans remain robust and do not falter in the event of a product recall.

Having successfully managed more than 7,000 of the most sensitive and time-critical product recall programs globally, we have the experience and expertise to help validate the resilience of your recall plans. Our assessments frequently uncover critical insights across a host of categories, from communication, to resources, product traceability and mishandling.

Our objective evaluations help uncover potential shortcomings, identify gaps, and reveal opportunities for improvement. This unparalleled level of expertise and scrutiny ensures that your plans stand up to the rigors when needed, providing invaluable insights to enhance your recall readiness.


The world’s leading product recall company

For over 25 years, companies of all sizes and sectors have trusted our expertise in preparing for and managing their product-related challenges. Since 1995, we’ve successfully managed more than 7,000 of the most sensitive and time-critical product recall programs, spanning 100 countries and 50 languages.

Whether your in-house teams need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or you require a complete end-to-end product recall solution, we have the experience to protect your brand and peace of mind.

If you’re currently facing a product recall, or seeking to enhance your recall readiness, contact us now.

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Whether you need scalability to maintain daily operations during a product crisis, or require a comprehensive end-to-end product recall solution from recall-readiness audit and mock recall simulation, through to live event and regulatory closeout, we have the experience and resources to help protect your brand and bottom-line.

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While they may not be subject to recall, defective, damaged or out of specification products can cause significant financial and reputational damage. Discover how we locate, withdraw, replace, repurpose and recycle violative (non-recalled) products in market.


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