Dana Carlson

Environmental Health and Safety Scientist, Project Manager

A public health researcher and former environmental safety officer at the Virginia Department of Health, Ms. Carlson has applied experience in health policy, epidemiology and toxicology for environmental exposures. Her interdisciplinary background includes the fields of engineering, medicine, and technology.  Utilizing a systems approach to problem solving, Ms. Carlson works collaboratively with clients to deliver effective solutions for short and long-term trajectories. Detail-oriented, she excels in synthesizing complex information and distilling it down for specific, target audiences.

Ms. Carlson’s technical expertise includes policy engagement, workplace exposure studies, hazardous material surveys, and conducting environmental investigations. She has provided services for residential and commercial properties as well as federal, state, and local governments. Through her academic research and advance studies she has collaborated on projects with environmental disease ecologists, international corporate chief medical officers, and principal investigators at major universities pioneering the field of public health.

  • Health Policy and Informatics
  • Public Health
  • Chemical Safety
  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Research and Documentation
  • Technology in Health
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Indoor Air Quality: Mold, Asbestos
  • Environmental Site Inspections and Remediation
Telephone: 703-802-9771
Email: dana.carlson@efiglobal.com
Location: Alexandria, United States, Virginia
Qualifications: MPH
Years experience: 15
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