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David Beachy

Forensic Engineer

Mr. Beachy has seven years of engineering experience within the United States defense industry.  He started out as a Mechanical Design Engineer performing complex analyses in Structural and Mechanical applications for Research and Development projects.  Many of these projects succeeded past the development phase and advanced into field-ready solutions.  Mr. Beachy also managed and lead over nine successful mission direct projects providing complex solutions to operators in the field. Mr. Beachy was accountable for all aspects of the product development life cycle including conceptualization, design, analysis, fabrication, verification testing, and deployment.  Mr. Beachy has been able to capitalize on his past engineering experience and conduct forensic analyses for civil and mechanical engineering investigations including but not limited to analyzing and interpreting codes and standards, construction defects, structural water intrusion, HVAC failures, plumbing failures, propane and natural gas piping, fire suppression system failures, and vehicle fires.

Team: EFI Global-USA
Mobile: 443.442.7800
Location: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States
Qualifications: PE
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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