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Harold Ornstein

Sr. Principal Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Ornstein has over fifty years of mechanical engineering experience in root cause failure analysis, accident reconstruction and loss prevention. Dr. Ornstein is certified as an operator for the Crash Data Retrieval System (Vehicle “Black Box” Data). Dr. Ornstein possesses in-depth knowledge to reach the root cause of a wide range of accidents and failures in the following areas: turbines, engines, human performance, operator training, man-machine interface, material science, structures, statics, dynamics, pneumatics, hydraulics, lubrication, fire protection sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, elevators, cranes, hoists, escalators, aerial platforms, fork lifts, warning labels and instructions – failure to warn, OSHA standards and requirements, heat transfer and thermodynamics, water intrusion – building envelope degradation.

Mechanical Engineering : Consults on the mechanical engineering aspects of accidents, design errors, design problems, operational problems, operator errors, materials problems, materials defects and other causes of loss. Provides investigation and analysis for insurance companies, attorneys, public utilities, industrial manufacturers, property managers, property owners, construction companies, manufacturers, and individuals. Performed root cause failure analyses on a wide variety of equipment failures and industrial accidents, including: medical equipment, engines, generators, turbo-machinery, pipelines, fire protection sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, AHUs, heat exchangers, piping systems, reactors, scrubbers, incinerators, and water heaters. Analyzed accidents involving elevators, escalators, man lifts, ladders, hoists, scaffolds, cranes, booms, forklifts, conveyors, punch presses, and concrete grinders. Also investigated damages to structures that were attributed to blasting, hail, wind, water intrusion, etc.

Safety – Human Factors – Walkways – Buildings – Vehicles: ADA requirements, OSHA requirements, building and construction code requirements, human factors, man-machine interface, slips and falls, trips and falls, adequacy of lighting and illumination for safety and security, adequacy of packing and shipping containers, and fabric flammability. Vehicular accident reconstruction – automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs).

Fire Origin and Cause:  Conducted fire origin and cause evaluations involving mechanical equipment, HVAC systems and structures; including fires in boilers, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, restaurants, and residences, fires in cars, trucks, excavators and forklifts. Investigated and evaluated fires and smoke damage from commercial and residential cooking equipment, including: salamanders; gas, electric, and mesquite grills; hoods, filters, and ducts. Investigations also include sooting and smoke damage involving fireplaces (vented and vent-less), furnaces (oil and gas), and emergency generators (diesel, propane and natural gas).

Team: EFI Global - USA
Telephone: + 1 703-802-9771
Email: harold.ornstein@efiglobal.com
Location: Brookeville, Maryland, United States
Qualifications: Ph.D., PE, CFEI
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
Years experience: 55
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