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Paul Woodward

Forensic Engineer

Mr. Woodward has been involved in the design of hospitals, schools, various residential, commercial and industrial structures, streets and parking lots, pools, retaining walls and patios. These included wood, reinforced concrete, steel and reinforced masonry structures. Most of his design work has been in California but his forensic work has been in California, in the Gulf States and Atlantic States for hurricane work, in Arizona for hail claims, in Colorado for snow load claims and in South Dakota for tornadoes. Mr. Woodward has worked with various state, county and city governments. Mr. Woodward is familiar with The International Building Code, The International Residential Code, The American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, The American Wood Council’s National Design Specifications, The American Steel Institute’s Steel Construction Manual and the American Concrete Institute’s ACI-318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary. Mr. Woodward’s forensic experience includes moisture intrusion, drainage issues, settlement, slope creep and soil issues, wind claims, earthquake claims, flood claims, fire damage, vehicle impact damage, impact damage from trees and tree limbs, construction defect claims, blasting, pile driving and other construction vibration claims, flooring damage, structural framing damage, roofing damage and a wide variety of engineering issues.

Area of Expertise:

• Civil Engineering including structural issues

• Water Intrusion

• Roofing



Team: EFI Global - USA
Telephone: 909-390-1253
Location: California, Los Angeles, United States
Qualifications: PE
Areas of expertise: Catastrophe response
Engineering, environmental and fire services
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