Peter Delano

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Delano has over 18 years of experience in the engineering consulting services industry and over seven years of experience as a forensic engineer. He has conducted loss investigations and provided engineering consulting services on topics ranging from trip and falls to vehicle accident reconstruction; mechanical and HVAC investigations, such as improper circulation of exhaust and ventilation flow with air handling units, chiller/cooling tower systems, failures of air conditioners and heat pumps. He has experience in fire investigations including commercial and residential appliance examinations. He has conducted and taken part in automotive investigations including fire inspections, mechanical failure investigations, accident investigations, repair work related losses, aftermarket component failure evaluations, and unintended acceleration investigations.

Mr. Delano investigated wide range of product failure and personal injury losses. Cases including consumer product failures, mechanical failure investigations, damage evaluations, medical device failures, product use evaluations, hot surface and hot liquid exposure, bicycle component failures and accidents, furniture failures, appliance failures as well as industrial machine accidents such as nail guns, overhead door accidents and food processing accidents.

He has also conducted subrogation investigations on workplace accidents and injuries. Cases included pressure vessel explosions, fork lift accidents, chemical and thermal exposure accidents and machine guarding issues. Mr. Delano wrote reports detailing safety and design standard compliance evaluations relevant to the accidents. As well as construction code and industry standard reviews for liability assessments on issues such as stair construction, ADA compliance, egress capacity, egress illumination, walking surface slip resistance, temporary structure requirements, and plumbing installations.

Mr. Delano has experience in design and structural analysis in the aerospace and medical device industry as well as mechanical design using Solidworks CAE simulation tools and Finite Element Analysis. Structural analysis including Low Cycle Fatigue life, Fracture Toughness, High Cycle Fatigue, Ultimate Strength, etc.

Team: EFI Global - USA
Telephone: + 732-629-7930
Location: New Jersey, Oakland, United States
Qualifications: CFEI, CVFI, ACTAR, PE
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
Years experience: 22
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