Russell Graham

Fire Investigator

Mr. Graham has over 30 years of experience in fire service.  Over 700 fire investigations have been performed by Mr. Graham that encompass accidental and incendiary fire losses.  These fire losses range from residential dwellings to large industrial/commercial structures.  Mr. Graham retired from the Norman, Oklahoma Fire Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office after 25 years of service. The Norman Fire Marshal’s Office had the highest Arson Conviction rate in the State of Oklahoma during Mr. Graham’s employment.  Mr. Graham has 5 years of experience as an Agent with the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office.  During Mr. Graham’s employment with the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal’s Office, he was the lead investigator in several industrial explosions that involved fatalities.  Mr. Graham’s investigations are based on scientific principles of fire investigations that stand on the facts, whether those facts point to product failure, negligence, or a strong defense in incidents where there is no product failure or negligence.

  • Fire Investigations – Origin and Cause
  • Fire Investigations – Incendiarism
  • Fire Investigations – Liability
  • Fire Investigations – Subrogation
  • Fire Investigations – Fatalities
  • Explosion Investigations
Telephone: 469.520.6918
Location: Kingston, Oklahoma, United States
Qualifications: IAAI-CFI
Years experience: 32
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