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Stephen Ternullo

District Manager, Great Lakes

Stephen Ternullo investigates and prepares detailed reports for a wide variety of property casualty damage issues including; structural failures and defects, water intrusions, roof distresses, mechanical failures, electrical failures, and evaluating trip and fall conditions. He has over twenty years of active experience as a forensic engineer having personally investigated or supervised over 3,000 investigations, often being requested to determine a cause of distresses to structures, and to develop structural repair plans.

More than thirty-five years of experience in the construction and structural design of        industrial, commercial, and residential projects utilizing; steel, concrete, wood, masonry,            carbon fiber and other materials has provided a strong knowledge of construction techniques, principles and costs. The experience of thousands of diverse design projects and investigations provides the necessary expertise to assimilate data and evaluate to determine cause and origin analysis for a variety of losses, accident reconstruction, and evaluation of product defects, and when asked, develop cost effect solutions.

Many years of experience as a district manager, project manager, company administrator, mentor, teacher, and structural engineer has resulted in excellent communication skills with clients and design team members. Participation in continuing education engineering seminars insures the ability to implement modern up to date technology.

In addition to Investigative Engineering services, Mr. Ternullo continues to provide Structural Engineering services on projects with construction costs up to $100 Million.

Mr. Ternullo’s clients include; insurance companies, litigators, construction contractors, architects, building and property owners and managers. By not limiting the type of clients,  any perceived biasness towards an investigation opinion is eliminated.


Team: EFI Global-USA
Telephone: 586.868.0220
Mobile: 586.202.4000
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Qualifications: PE
Areas of expertise: Engineering, environmental and fire services
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