CAT response services: Catastrophic events hit China and South Korea

September 7, 2022

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Strong earthquake shakes southwestern province Sichuan
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook southwestern China’s Sichuan province on Monday, shaking the capital of Chengdu and other provinces.

This is the strongest earthquake to hit the area since 2017, causing Sichuan to activate the highest level of emergency response. A 4.2 magnitude aftershock struck Ya’an, about 100 km southwest of Chengdu, minutes later.

Over 50,000 people in Ganzi and Ya’an were evacuated to safety. According to local authorities, some roads and homes near the epicentre were damaged by landslides, and communications were down in at least one area. No damage to dams and hydropower stations within 50 km of the epicentre has been reported.

Super typhoon Hinnamnor hits South Korea
The most powerful typhoon to hit South Korea in years battered its southern region Tuesday. The storm dumped a meter of rain, triggered eight reported landslides, destroyed buildings and submerged roads. Tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity.

Overall, nearly 80 homes and buildings were flooded or destroyed across the country, and hundreds of roads, bridges and facilities were damaged. The damage was most severe in the southern city of Pohang. Southern and eastern mainland regions were also damaged.

This is the second major storm to hit the country in a matter of weeks. Last month, Seoul, the capital, witnessed its heaviest downpour in decades.

We’re here to support you.
We are here to help and are ready to provide emergency assistance in the region. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our property team listed below.

Nigel Cook, head of MCL – Asia
+65 9179 8189
[email protected]

David Seng, head of property, regional executive adjuster, MCL – Asia
+65 9147 8178
[email protected]

For Korea

Steve Chung, managing director – Korea
+82 10 2555 1690
[email protected]

For China

William Huang, general manager – China
+86 138 1668 8658
[email protected]

John Law, technical director/head of business development – China
+86 138 0188 9068
[email protected]

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