CAT response services: Tropical Storm Henri eyes New England

August 20, 2021

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The Atlantic hurricane season is in full force this week, with Henri moving north, Grace revisiting Mexico, and Fred still impacting North Carolina.

Henri is expected to become a hurricane and could be the first significant one to hit New England in years. Its exact path and strength as it nears New England are still uncertain. Currently, hurricane watches are in effect for portions of Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts. Henri brings risk of storm surge, damaging winds, heavy rain and flooding.

Grace regained hurricane force ahead of its second Mexico landfall, estimated as late Friday into early Saturday. Hurricane warnings are in effect along the coast of mainland Mexico from the towns of Puerto Veracruz to Cabo Rojo. The storm will likely bring heavy rainfall, strong wind gusts and storm surge that can cause flash flooding, structural damage and power outages.

Meanwhile, North Carolina is still reeling from severe flooding from Fred, which inundated the state earlier this week. Flooding swamped and washed away some homes and damaged roads and bridges.

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