CAT response services: Ida puts Gulf Coast states on high alert

August 27, 2021

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Ida has now become a Category 1 hurricane in the Caribbean Sea and is forecast to intensify into a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Hurricane watches are in effect from southwestern Louisiana to the Mississippi-Alabama state line, including the New Orleans metro area. Conditions in the Gulf of Mexico are conducive for rapid intensification. This was also the case with several notorious storms in recent years, including Hurricane Laura, which hit southwestern Louisiana in 2020.

The storm brings potential for wind damage, flooding and widespread power outages. There is also potential for life-threatening storm surge along the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama where a storm surge watch is in effect. So far this season, five named systems have reached land in the U.S., but none were hurricanes at the time of landfall.

We’re here to support you
In addition to our adjusting services, we offer building consulting, contents and inventory solutions, forensic advisory services, repair solutions and engineering to assist you and your insureds. We can also assist with high volume, low severity business interruption claims from hurricane damage through our business income express service. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our property team listed below.

To report claims, contact our CAT intake center for immediate setup and assignment.
P. 800.479.9188 E. [email protected]

Beau Bishop, senior vice president – catastrophe operations
[email protected]

Louisiana: Ronnie Adcock, senior vice president
[email protected]

Mississippi: Clay Humphries, senior vice president – southeast region
[email protected]

Danny Miller, executive vice president, operations
[email protected]

Gail Oliver, senior vice president, sales and marketing
[email protected]

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