Torrential rainfall floods Southeastern Australia

October 19, 2022

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Last Wednesday, flood warnings were issued across Southeastern Australia after a powerful storm brought gushing rainfall that quickly flooded streets and caused rivers and streams to swell to dangerous levels. Hundreds were evacuated and thousands were without power.

Victoria is the worst-affected state with some towns experiencing the highest river peaks in decades. Several communities remain isolated, with access remaining an issue for local townships where arterial roads remain closed due to significant infrastructure damage. Several townships, including Shepparton and Echuca, still have evacuation orders in place. Echuca remains a primary concern due to being surrounded by three main major rivers, Murray, Goulburn and Campaspe — all of which are experiencing major flooding.

New South Wales and Tasmania also experienced significant flooding. In New South Wales, about 600 residents were evacuated from the town of Forbes, where about 250 properties and businesses were expected to flood. In Railton, a northern Tasmanian town, 90 homes were threatened by floodwaters. The state’s northern half remains on high alert for flash flooding, with heavy rain forecast to continue over the next seven days.

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